Apple products templates for laser etching

We had planned to release these templates a while back but as always happens… things got delayed and other designs got in the way.

But now with the release of the iPad, we had no excuses to not redo the templates and finally release them. So, if you are looking to get any of the Apple devices laser etched with your custom artwork, these will come in handy.

The templates are EPS files created with CS4 and have the instructions on how to setup your artwork. We hope this helps in creating your masterpiece to get laser etched. The templates currently available are for the following devices:

  • 13″ MacBook Pro
  • 15″ Macbook Pro
  • 17″ MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • iPad
  • iPhone 3G/3GS
  • iPod Touch
  • iPod Classic
  • iPod Nano

There you go! You have all you need to get your MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iPhone or iPod laser etched with your custom artwork and layout.

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