When providing services to users whether personal customers or corporate clients, hitechtattoos may have to collect personal information from users. To maintain the trust of users, hitechtattoos is committed to preserving such personal information in an appropriate manner by complying with the privacy policy below.
This policy sets out the types and types of personal information that hitechtattoos collects about hitechtattoos website users,hitechtattoos shared cases, disclosures and measures taken. to ensure confidential information.

Confidentiality of user information on hitechtattoos’s website
By accessing the hitechtattoos website, users must accept the terms of this Privacy Policy. This policy may be amended by hitechtattoos from time to time without prior notice to the user. Any change or update will be effective immediately upon posting on the Website. Users agreeing to regularly access this website means that the user agrees to such changes.
This policy does not apply when hitechtattoos accesses information in another form, such as when a user interacts with an employee at the branch or over the telephone. In this case, other privacy policies will apply.
This policy also does not apply to information provided by users to third-party websites that display hitechtattoos online ads or access to third-party websites. hitechtattoos does not operate or control. Please read the privacy and conditional policies of third party websites and consider whether they adequately protect the rights of users.
Information that hitechtattoos collected
hitechtattoos collects two types of information online: non-personal and personal.

Non-personal information

When a user accesses hitechtattoos’s website, hitechtattoos automatically records the details of the access (user’s IP address, browser type used, date and time of hits). hitechtattoos also collects information relating to the computer or mobile device (“Device”) used to access this site, such as the operating system, model name as well as configuration and parameter settings.

Personal information

hitechtattoos collects personal information when users voluntarily fill out forms on the website:
Application for opening an account or other forms to request or sign up for a specific hitechtattoos product or service.

Application form

Communicate via email

The above information may include: Full name, address and other contact details; age, occupation, marital status; expanded financial information, including investment experience and investment objectives, risk tolerance; passport number, identity card or driver’s license, tax code, etc.
How hitechtattoos uses the information
hitechtattoos may use the user’s personal information to:
Administer, operate, support and manage user relationships, transactions and / or accounts with hitechtattoos. This may include sharing information internally as well as disclosing it to third parties as defined in Section 5 below.
Contact the user, if possible, or the authorized person of the user by post, telephone, email, facsimile, … in relation to the relationship, transaction, and / or account. user’s.
Provide users with information (such as investment research), suggestions or advice about products and services provided by hitechtattoos;
Support for hitechtattoos’s business activities, including risk assessment and management, and compliance with company and law regulations.
If a user’s transaction with hitechtattoos is terminated, hitechtattoos will continue to process user personal information within the hitechtattoos, as described in this Policy.

How hitechtattoos protects the user’s personal information

hitechtattoos uses security measures in accordance with applicable law to protect personal information from unauthorized access or use. However, the open nature of the global information system is that personal information may be spread beyond the control of the security measures that hitechtattoos uses; and information may be accessed and used by others who are not necessarily required to receive such information.
To protect against unauthorized access to third party personal information, all personal electronic information will be stored by hitechtattoos on a system protected by a secure network architecture that contains walls. fire and intrusion detection device. Servers keep personal information “backed up” on a regular basis in an effort to avoid accidental erasure.